First MERESSIN DVD "Live At Kilkim Zhaibu" COMING SOON!

In the beginning of 2012 years we release first Meressin DVD "Live At Kilkim ┼Żaibu". DVD will released in 500 copies, DVD content is all 10 songs, filmed at "Kilkim Zhaibu XII" festival, also 2 songs from "Kilkim Zhaibu X", photo albums from this fest.

At the "Kilkim Zhaibu 12" festival Meressin played already fifth time. We would like to respect this glorious festival, because it is relevant fact for the group's history. Festival has no analogues in Lithuania, and maybe in the world, fest always sincere and without compromise, and justified their motto in all the 12 years: "Baltic most martial music festival".

Montge and graphic: "HidraArt"
Released by: Meressin

Information about the DVD acquisition and other info we will publish a little later, when the DVD will be released.








Meresin will appear in "Kilkim Zhaibu XII"

After a long pause Meressin will appear at the most famous and best Baltic music festival of all time "Kilkim Zhaibu", 2011 June 24.

Long time Meressin been considered the opportunity to participate in this festival, quite a long break had a negative impact for the band's activities, but it seems everything resolved. In recent time band preparing for festival, program will take about 40 minutes. Significant changes were not occurred and Meressin will appear in this festival in the same composition as in the past.








Welcome to official MERESSIN website !

After of a long works Meressin official website is finished and released to internet. This is the first official group page, which includes the entire life cycle Meressin.

Over long years we accumulated a lot of information, which is published here. Here you will find a comprehensive history of the group since the beginning, with all the information about Meressin's past, present and future, discography, videos, photo galleries. Also here You have opportunity to hear and evaluate new Meressin works. You can express your opinion in the forum and the guestbook. Website is presented in Samogitian, Lithuanian and English languages, the interface only in english yet.





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